Location Analysis For Real Estate Investors

Applying demographic, location, and spatial data to real estate yields enormous advantages—you can see trends that other investors can't.

VestMap automates the gathering and compiling of data that would otherwise be time-prohibitive, allowing investors to evaluate more opportunities with unmatched granularity and speed.

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"Location data is critical to our process but the evaluation was incredibly slow and inconsistent. VestMap can do in 30 seconds what used to take my team hours."

Johnny Wolf

CEO & Founder, Homeroom, YC W'22

"Speed is everything in the acquisitions game. VestMap helps us quickly screen deals before going through a full underwriting process. With VestMap we are able to evaluate many more properties quickly. We are acquiring more and better deals with VestMap."

Nick B.

Managing Parter, Anonymous Capital ($1B AUM)

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The Most Granular Location Reports For Investors

Location Reports That Go Beyond The Neighborhood.

Zoom in to understand the factors that will affect just one property on a 3, 5 and 10 year time horizon.

Search once and get the most critical location information in a single report.

Save time assessing properties

VestMap gives you glanceable, actionable location data that typically takes a lot of time to find and compile - no more digging through county websites or pulling data from multiple systems.

Improve your search & vetting process

Granular location insights are critical in the research phase, but no one wants to waste time analyzing data on a property that you might not offer on. With VestMap, you don't have to choose.

Understand Context and Trends Quickly

Data is only as useful as the context its placed in. VestMap helps investors build a story about a location, backed by hard data and visual maps.

Unique Insights For Investors

Tell A Unique Story About A Location With Data.

A solid location analysis on every property allows investors to see the past, present and future - custom for just that one location.

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What our users have been saying.

"Love VestMap - I subscribed to the service after hearing the Bigger Pockets episode and it really simplifies the searching I've been doing. I'm also in love with D.I.S.C.E.R.N.™!"


Managing Partner at Boreal Capital

"Cashflow models don't give you the long term. VestMap is able to give me a quick overview...of the stability of the market and see the future of a property."

Z. Campbell

Real Estate Investor

"VestMap's insights help me better evaluate properties of interest for both long and short term investments. I also found it useful for evaluating properties already in my portfolio."

Regina Mack

Real Estate Investor

"Prior to VestMap I would have to visit many different websites and aggregate the data myself. VestMap solves this problem by quickly aggregating key data points and presenting it in an easy to digest format."

Evan Bolender

Real Estate Investor

Get Better Location Reports With VestMap

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