"I went from 20% to 700% returns when I started using Vestmap's predictive analytics for real estate investing."

Picking locations to invest in is the real estate equivalent of picking stocks. The future value of a property is mostly determined by what happens around that property.

But you don't need another tool
that just overwhelms you with data. You need just the data that matters, that's backed by a consistent data methodology—so you can go from a stack of possibles to a vetted shortlist in record time and capture more appreciation in every deal.

"VestMap helps real estate investors find and invest in locations with high growth potential."

  • "Helps us maximize returns"

    "Location intelligence from VestMap is allowing us to operate faster & more efficiently. What used to take my team hours now takes 30 seconds and the quality of the analysis is 100% accurate.

    Johnny Wolf, CEO, HomeRoom (YC, W '22), Buying 20 homes/mo with VestMap

  • "Saves us time and money"

    "Love VestMap - I subscribed to the service after hearing the Bigger Pockets episode and it really simplifies the searching I've been doing. I also love the D.I.S.C.E.R.N. Method!"

    Andrew, Managing Partner, Boreal Capital

A professionally designed report for every property

VestMap requires no training or knowledge to operate: just type in an address and get a perfectly researched & designed location report complete with maps & visual aids.

Download and share reports easily: include them in decks, due diligence documentation, investor and bank communications, and more as a trusted independent analysis.

Who We Serve:

  • Part-time Investors

    VestMap helps investors big and small optimize their returns and buy in better locations using location science.

    VestMap's simplicity means anyone can underwrite like the Pro's.

  • Full-time Investors

    VestMap's powerful location analysis and market explorer tools allow power-users to get the information they need to make decisions quickly.

    Increased overall returns for developers, asset-managers & construction.

  • Brokers & Tech Platforms

    An essential tool for underwriting high volumes and a value-add for investor clients; our customers include major brokerage firms, institutional investors & tech platforms.

    Integrate location science into existing apps and workflows.

Increased Returns From Appreciation

How We Do It:

VestMap has data that is long-term correlated with high appreciation, like population growth, forecasted median income growth, nearby POI and more.

We make it easy to access this data at the highest level of granularity available, so you can see the factors that will influence long-term value for just one property.

When you search an address in VestMap, we assemble a report complete with visual aids and maps that make it easy to understand how a location stacks up and whether it meets your long-term growth criteria.

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  • Follow the fundamentals, not the crowds

    Investing on market fundamentals is critical for developing a successful investing thesis. VestMap makes it easy for investors to back up their decisions with hard data.

  • Speed up your search process

    Granular location insights are critical in the property search process, but investors don't have time to be bogged down in research or rely on slow outside teams.

  • Granular analysis for any asset class

    VestMap can be used to evaluate any real estate asset class. Search by address, APN, parcel, zip or MSA. VestMap can help underwrite SFH, development sites, multi-family, commercial, construction and more.

  • Invest in the path of progress.

    Get the most accurate growth forecasts and indicators, updated in real-time. Pair growth alongside granular demographics and POI data to inform valuations & price aggressiveness today.

  • Get 1,000X more granularity than what's in the brokerage report.

    VestMap's precision data set is 1,000 times more granular than a typical broker's report:

    Brokerage Report: 3-Mile Radius (28 sq. miles of area)
    VestMap Report: 0.003-Mile Radius (0.00002 sq. miles of area)

    VestMap's granular location comping tools allow investors to visualize the factors that will affect just one property, not the average of 10,000.

  • Enter new markets with ZipFinder™

    There are 30,940 zip codes in the United States, but only about 1,960 of those are actually relevant to real estate investors.

    Narrow your search with the ZipFinder™ interactive map. Start with a map of the U.S. and "build" your perfect zipcode with data. Define the variables that matter you to and allocate capital with a data-driven strategy.

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  • See rental potential at a glance

    Quickly answer the question: "Can the people who live here afford my target rents?"

    Get granular rental comps, and historical rent trends alongside your demographic & POI data in a single report.

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  • Evaluate neighborhood quality with nearby stores.

    Major chains spend millions forecasting where to put their stores. VestMap helps you piggyback on their research with neighborhood indicator stores.

    Enrich your property search with 60,000+ store locations from Whole Foods™, Starbucks™, Dollar Tree™ & more.

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"VestMap is at the foundation of everything we do. We use it daily to make our most critical business decisions, including deciding which markets to enter over the next 3 years."

Nick Hummer - Sr. Director of Investor Sales, HomeRoom (YC W'22), Purchasing 20 homes/mo.

Capture more appreciation on every deal.

Invest in markets with high growth potential & increase your total returns with predictive analytics from VestMap.

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Included in your free trial:

☑️ Nationwide coverage for every address in all 50 states

☑️ Every asset class: SFH, MF, commercial, retail, land, ground-up development

☑️ No limit on addresses searched

☑️ Discover new zipcodes with our interactive ZipFinder map

☑️ Generate unlimited address reports complete with maps and visual aids

☑️ Analyze locations like the pros with our e-learning series

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Real Estate Investors Love VestMap

  • "I'm obsessed with VestMap. Being able to dial in the demographics and location data that you want to per market is huge. I can't imagine living without it!

    Timothy Tropsa, Head of Revenue Ops, HomeRoom (YC W22)
  • "Speed is everything in the acquisitions game. VestMap helps us quickly screen deals before going through a full underwriting process. With VestMap we are able to evaluate many more properties quickly."

    Nick B. Managing Partner, Developer with $2B AUM
  • "We used to rely on external consultants to produce reports like this. VestMap's reports are faster, cheaper & more accurate than what we had before."

    Dan Schwartz, Real Estate Investor