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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VestMap?

VestMap is a tool for real estate investors to evaluate the location of a given property. We pull 7 key indicators to help you evaluate a location using our proprietary DISCERN method. Location is critical in real estate investing and can vary a lot within a neighborhood or zip code! VestMap does not analyze individual properties for cash flow or ROI, it simply tells you if the location you are looking at will work for your investing strategy.

What is the DISCERN method?

Please see this post that goes into depth about what the DISCERN method is and how to use it.

I’m looking for different data, do you have other data?

VestMap’s founder personally uses these data points to vet locations. The idea behind VestMap is that you can quickly look at a property location against key criteria. You can certainly dig in more to the area and access different data if you’d like! We only have the DISCERN method data.

Where do you get this data? Is it accurate?

Data is drawn from a variety of licensed data sources and includes modified census data. This includes data from and Rentometer. We find it to be largely accurate but when you have a national data set there are always errors and inconsistencies.

Can you answer questions about individual properties or my specific situation?

Unfortunately we cannot answer questions about your specific real estate investing situation. We provide the data, but you ultimately have to decide whether investing in a given property fits your investment criteria and risk tolerance.

I ran a report and it showed “no data” for one of my criteria

Our data set is pulled from a variety of public and private databases. We expose that data to you in an easy-to-use format. If we don’t have the data, that means our sources don’t have the data. 

How do I use the Anchor Address?

When you’re looking at the DISCERN method data it can be hard to understand without a reference point. The reference point is one that you know and understand. What does it feel like to walk around at night? The Anchor address should be a location you know well, it may be your home address or a rental property location you’d love to get more of. Just pick an anchor point you KNOW and you’ll quickly see the value.

How come I can’t see the cash flow for a location?

VestMap has everything to do with a LOCATION and nothing to do with the property itself. As an out of state investor myself I first look at a location, THEN I look at the property. Look at the location to see if aligns with your goals. If it does, then dig into the details of the property.

Why isn’t VestMap free?

VestMap’s  goal is to provide you with ad-free useful data for location insights. VestMap’s founder, Lee Ripma, personally developed the VestMap method over several years as a real estate investor. She made all the mistakes on location, so you don’t have to. The expert team behind VestMap is valuable and the team who built VestMap wasn’t cheap. As I’ve learned in real estate, don’t be suckered by low prices!

The quickest way to get in touch with someone is to email

We typically respond within several hours during business hours (M-F, 9AM – 5PM PST). If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, or 48 hours on the weekends, please email us again. You can also use the form below if that is easier for you. It goes to the same support team.