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About VestMap

Our mission is to empower you with location insights so you can act upon investment opportunities with clarity, speed and confidence. VestMap makes it easy for you to plan and execute on your long term investment strategy.

What we do

We help real estate investors make data-driven decisions to quickly act on profitable investment opportunities.

How we do it

We aggregate and display D.I.S.C.E.R.N.™  Method data for insight into a geographic location’s growth trends, rents, schools, crime and much more.

Why we do it

We believe that objective location data is the missing piece for real estate investors to achieve their long term financial goals.

Location Growth Insights Not Dying Property Facts.

Most property data is irrelevant for helping you make sound real estate investment decisions. Knowing a property was built in 1952 doesn’t tell you how much the population will grow in the next five years, the current median income, or forecasted median income growth. At VestMap, we make it easy for you to get objective data quickly for insight into a location’s future.

The Team


Vestmap Founder

Lee Ripma, Founder

Lee Ripma wanted a quicker way to identify and invest in the path of progress anywhere in the US without needing to fly to a location and investigate it in person.

Having spent a decade as a field biologist, she knew that there must be a more efficient and data-driven way to accomplish her long-term goals. By removing the subjectivity of a deal and bringing objective scrutiny to the numbers through insight location data she began to succeed. Four years since her first investment, she holds 59 doors and has transacted $60MM in real estate.

Now as the PropTech Founder of VestMap, her mission is to empower you with data-driven real estate insights so that successful investing in any new market goes from impossible to probable.

clay circle


Clay Ripma

Clay Ripma is an entrepreneur, real estate investor and the CEO of VestMap. He is also the co-founder of Authentic Audience, a marketing company. Clay’s mission is to empower real estate investors with the latest technology to make better investment decisions. Previously, Clay led product development at a venture-backed startup that raised $40MM from Softbank, Foundry group and others.


Head of Data

Justin Palmer

Data makes the world go round. As VestMap’s data wizard, Justin makes the data not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing. When you browse through the reports, the data you see are Justin’s creation. Justin brings a uniquely data-driven approach to real estate – applying the latest data tools he gained from his years as a scientist.


Head of Technology

Ashok Amaran

When it comes to the VestMap website, Ashok is the genius behind the scenes making it both functional and beautiful. He’s pulled in multiple data queries and made it mobile friendly so that you can login on the go. If you have a customer service issue, he will be the one answering the calls.